Book Report/Review, Other

The book name is \” Limbo: A memoir\”, by Ansay, A. M.
This project involves researching and reading a book, preferably an autobiography, or book that deals with current policy/issues on people with disabilities. A reative presentation of the book is required. The creative presentation could be: A Power Point presentation, Poster board, 3-D display, mobile, collage, etc.
On top of that, a one-two-page paper (double spaced) of the book is to be uploaded onto Blackboard. The one-two page paper must include the following information:
Summary of the book
3 -5 of your favorite quotes with page #
Authors Information
Publication Information
Opinion of the book

Any definitions, medical information, and resources utilized in your paper must be cited. (Citations must be included. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points).
People First Language
Information related to the course (Ten Commandments used, issues or topics previously addressed in class, packet information, references to presenters, etc.)
#####this review I need 2 pages for summary part, and other for PowerPoint.######
I will upload example file

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