Briefly describe what will be the external sustainability drivers and barriers in your chosen Industry and Country in the year 2060.

The project consists of developing a scenario for a sustainable business set 45 years ahead in 2060. You should provide a rationale for a future business/industry that is plausible. You should also show that it offers an innovative solution to a set of identified, difficult, environmental and social challenges that might exist at that time. The aim of the scenario analysis is to help you gain insights into how business can plan and innovate for the future in an uncertain world and into the far medium term. The chosen 2060 business scenario should be justified by analysis of current, emerging and future trends related to the chosen business sector and country, and take into account environmental limitations and the socio-political issues and technology changes. This should be illustrated through the creation of key intermediate milestones on a timeline that stretches from today to 2060.
The aim is to demonstrate your analytical skills, understanding of the complex issues, risks and opportunities business face and apply the appropriate knowledge, as well as creative and entrepreneurial thinking to reach convincing solutions for a sustainable global business. The future setting will allow you greater creative freedom. However, you are also expected to document your rationale using currently credible sources and bibliography based both on key readings on the module as well as in your individual research.
Title page: the title, sub-title if any, date, student name and module. Contents page: including the headings for the sections
Introduction: provide a brief overview of what the report contains and highlight clearly the aims and objectives. (c. 250 words) (write this last)
Sustainability Situation analysis 2060: In a concise manner introduce the context in which the project is set. Based upon your Formative assessment research and analysis, briefly describe what will be the external sustainability drivers and barriers in your chosen Industry and Country in the year 2060. Consider the Environmental constraints, Social- economic position, Technical advances and Legal influences that you will rely upon later in the report. (c.200-300 words)
Business Scenario 2060: Introduce the scenario set in 2060 that describes a sustainable business that operates within the Industry/ Country previously described. What is happening? (You may base this on findings from using PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis, however these tools must NOT be included here but in the appendix only). Then present a market offer of this company in 2060 that is plausible and innovative and addresses the difficult environmental and social challenges of that time. Aim to describe how the company has adapted to the challenges through technological and other advances based on various trends you will have researched previously. (c. 500-800words)
Connect the Scenario in 2060 to today: Based upon your Formative assessment, analyse how the current Industry/ Country situation with regards to the environmental and social challenges will develop toward the scenario presented above for 2060. Aim to illustrate though key intermediate milestones roughly 15 years apart. Using sustainability concepts and models aim to explain why the future business strategy will develop through the milestones you propose? In addition reference and analyse currently published trends in the environmental, social and technical challenges you have identified for today, to explain why the future business strategy will develop through the milestones you propose. Why should certain environmental impacts be prioritised? What changes in society need to take place and why? Did the business model need to change? How are the global markets reacting? How is industry responding? What technological advancements make your scenario logical? (c. 500 -750 words)
Timeline 2016-2060: provide a timeline using guestimates of various events (see backtracking) as described above, that will have led to your future scenario. This can be a done using a diagram.
Bibliography: All sources need to be cited including Internet. References should be traceable anyone reading your report should be able to follow up your references so they must be able to find them from what you’ve written. Use the Harvard system: AUTHOR LAST NAME, first name (DATE), Full Title, where published, name of publisher.

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