Budget search

Unit I Assignment

Budget Search

One of the major assignments for this course is to complete a proposal. To help you get started right away and stay on track, this assignment asks you to search for at least three budgets and to briefly summarize them.

By researching more than one agency, you have the option to select which scenario interests you the most. Plus, it is a good idea to research and review the approach that various agencies are using toward budgeting.

For this assignment, use the Internet, or any other resource, to search for and review the budget for three agencies. After reviewing the budgets, briefly summarize the details of three budgets in about 500 words. Include each of the following for the summary:

 The name of three agencies

 A brief description of three budgets (about 300 words total)

 From your initial review, which budget appeals to you the most and why (about 200 words)


Remember, this assignment serves as a major contribution to the proposal. Use this as an opportunity to prepare great details in the proposal.

Format your brief summary using APA Style. Use your own words and include citations for other articles as needed to avoid plagiarism. Prepare your assignment in a word-processing application and submit it as one of the following file formats: DOC, DOCX, or PDF.

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