Building Evidence For Health

PLEASE ATTACH BIBLIOGRAPHY ON 3RD PAGEWhen doing these assignments we want you to use recent RELIABLE websites such as WHO (World Health Organization that has regional offices as well), WMO, USEPA, NOAA, USGS, NASA, DOE (and the many National Labs). In addition there are many good State, NGO and even corporate sites. For those that do not live in the US you will have to access information available for your country and city. To earn credit points for these assignments you need to demonstrate to us that you did the research and learned something relevant. They are written using Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced with one inch margins. Full reference citations are required using APA style.WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1 – “BUILDING EVIDENCE FOR HEALTH”There are many elements that comprise a ‘Healthy Building’. Pick a topic (some example topics are listed below) and develop a 2-page, fully cited, concise yet thorough, “Building Evidence for Health” document. The intended audience is decision-makers in the real estate community. Your goal is to: describe what the topic is, discuss why it is relevant to health, cite the relevant studies from the scientific literature as it relates to human health and performance, and provide recommendations. Provide a reason for them to act that is grounded in hard science!Each 2-page document must include at least 10 citations, and the following sections: Short abstract (2-3 sentences), background on topic, scientific basis for why it is relevant to health, and recommendations. Be specific. It is difficult to write within the 2-page limit, but we have learned that this community has to be influenced quickly and concisely.Topics:• Ventilation and Health• Indoor Air Quality• Chemicals of Concern (pick one from• Water Quality• Dust and Dirt• Lighting and Views• Noise• Moisture• Pest Control• Safety and SecuritySome useful resources include: USGBC LEED Certification, WELL Building Standard, However, these should be considered background material. You will need to research, read and cite the primary literature. Journals that publish on these topics include: Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Health Journal, Indoor Air, Building and Environment, Environmental Science & Technology.

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