Bullying from supervisors or coworkers.Discuss


Imagine  that  you  are a  Human  Resources  Director at  a mid-sized  company.  Recently, concerns  have  arisen  over some unethical actions  within the  workplace.  Various  employees  have  approached  you  with  their  concerns, and  it  is  time for  you to  address them. Compose a  company wide  email  addressing  the  six  ethical  guidelines  for  work. Make sure  you are concise yet informative in your approach.
Some of areas of interest may include:
  Sexual harassment
  Dress code
  Attendance policy
  Vacation  policy
  Discrimination
  Compensation
  Alcohol  use,  drug use, and  smoking
 Bullying from supervisors or coworkers
After composing your e-mail, answer the following questions below it in the same document.
1.  Is  this  e-mail  technical  or  academic writing?  Why?  What  is  the  most important difference between  the  two?
2.  What  are the  different part

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