Bullying in Nursing

Concept/Application Paper1. To explore in depth an aspect of professional nursing. The student will choose a topic of interest to her in the area of professional nursing. The topic must be conceptual in nature.2. To formulate a plan as to how to apply this learning to professional practice.3. To demonstrate the ability to present thought and arguments clearly and succinctly in writing using APA format.Format: Type the paper according to APA 6th edition formatUse separate title page and reference pageCitations are necessary where appropriate, ie. when citing facts, quotes or scientific data. Plagiarism will be considered in final grading, since paper will be submitted to Turnitin.Final paper should be 10-12 pages in length (including title and reference page). Note that correct references in the body of the paper and on the reference page will count.Evaluation: paper will be graded using adapted Evaluation of Undergraduate Writing Abilities.Will attach the grading rubric and the 9 articles.

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