Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (Hydraulic fracturing).

In a satisfactory academic report, the student will –

a)Identify and define the problem area.

b)Propose a coherent research question.

c)Identify and obtain information relevant to the problem using appropriate methods of research and investigation.

d)Conduct a thorough literature review.

e)Show evidence of independent thought and initiative.

f)Analyse and evaluate the information and apply the fundamentals of his/her studies to a practical problem in a business environment.

g)Be prepared to evaluate alternative solutions to a problem that has no unique solution.

h)Express the ideas clearly and logically and communicate the findings effectively in considerable depth.

Soon I will upload the whole instruction to you. It is acceptable to have few days extra as long as all the research and primary data are rich.
The report topic that chose is about Hydraulic fracturing, please focus on it.

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