Business Module 4 SLP

Read the article by Carless, Wearing, & Mann, L. (2000). Then after gaining a clear idea of the meaning of the seven behavioral manifestations of transformational leadership, determine your transformational leadership score following these rules:

Give yourself a score between 1 (rarely or never) and 5 (very frequently) on each of the seven dimensions.
Add up your scores and divide them by 7 to get your average score on the scale.
Ask someone who knows you well (preferably someone who works with you) to rate your leadership behavior on the scale and calculate the average score.
Compare the results obtained by yourself and your friend/peer.
What do you think about your scores on that scale? Are they high/low? What does it say about your leadership style?
Based on the results you obtained, what aspect of your leadership behavior do you think you should focus on to improve your leadership style? How might this translate into actual behaviors at the workplace? What might be the results of such an improvement?
It is vital that you get a second opinion about your leadership behavior from someone who knows you, preferably in the work context. If you cannot get a second opinion as part of this exercise, be sure that you provide a thorough explanation of why it’s not possible. Just ignoring this part of the exercise will cost you part of a grade.

Your paper should be short (2-3 pages, not including the cover sheet, references, and assessment sheet) and to the point. You are expected to deal with these issues in an integrated fashion, rather than treating them as a series of individual questions to be answered one by one.

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