Business plan

For your final project, you select a well known company and conduct a comprehensive analysis of a country where the company is not yet present. After extensive research, you make recommendations about whether or not it makes sense to expand internationally

My country is South Korea and the company is Capriottis sandwich shop which operates in Delaware and Nevada.

The following sections must be included in the paper.

1.    Background of the company and of the country
2.    Cultural influences on business
3.    Economic and legal influences on business
4.    Political and government influences on trade/business
5.    Involvement in international organizations
6.    Importing/exporting strategies
7.    Recommendations: Do you recommend expanding into this country? What would be the most effective plan of action for your corporation to expand?

The written report must include all of the criteria mentioned above. It has to be at least 8-10 pages in length, must contain a minimum of ten resources, and must be written in a proper APA format including a Title Page, Abstract, proper line spacing and margins, conclusion as well as, body text citations and references.

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