Instructions to Part II: FOMC Policy DecisionsThe FOMC meets on a regular basis to decide what actions they wish to take. Many times, they decide to do nothing, but other times they wish to either slow down the economy or speed it up.To find out what the FOMC has recently done, go to the main Fed Web site at and click on Monetary Policy in the top panel. Click on Federal Open Market Committee and then on Meetings calendars and information. Click on the latest Statement link on the calendar (NOT the first one on the list). Print the page to include in your report. Click the back arrow. Scroll down and click on the Statement link for the previous meeting (the one before the one you printed). Print this page to include in your report.Question for Part II:1. Describe the actions taken (if any) by the FOMC as reported in each statement. Explain the reasoning behind the FOMC’s actions (or lack thereof) as reported in each statement. What effects do you think the FOMC’s policy decisions will have on M2?Please follow the instruction

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