Case Study, Business

The main objective of this assignment is to facilitate your understanding of the principles and practices of Brand Management concepts with an applicable case study. It is intended that you will be able to comprehend and blend the theory with the practice of these disciplines through self-study and case study techniques.
After having gained some understanding of each aspect of Brand Management by participating in the lectures and discussions, you are expected to read carefully other resources available online on the internet in order to write an assignment in an academic format at MBA level.

1. Refer to the case provided to you, and address the 2 case study questions.
2. Use theory/concepts from the relevant topics/chapters to address the case study questions.
3. Background reading is essential and should include 2 journal papers, business magazine/s (one or two readings) that relate to your case, visit the organizations website, and use it in your discussion.
4. Discussion of each questions should be between 250-300 words.
5. This individual assignment makes up 40% of your total assessment.

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