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Studies in Interpersonal Communications

Studies in Interpersonal Communications Question one Behavioral blend refers to application of different personality types to exhibit a certain behavior (Carbonell, 2008). Human beings have different personalities which define the […]

Book review The Crucible by Arthur Miller

                                                 Book review: The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Introduction The Crucible is one of the plays written by Arthur Miller, a playwright from America. The book dramatizes the way […]

Coordinate Covalent Bond

Coordinate Covalent Bond Another name of coordinate bond is the dative covalent bond.  This bond is formed from two atoms sharing one pair of electrons. These atoms are usually held […]

ESL Writing Assessment

ESL Writing Assessment Introduction While all of educational evaluation challenges teachers and researchers, writing assessments of language ability are particularly challenging. The form and content of the test and the […]

Access and Poverty

Access and Poverty Does everyone in your community have access to these things? The nature of life for an individual is based on various things. These things include housing, clothing, […]

The Role of Eisenhower

The Role of Eisenhower Introduction Eisenhower was born in America in1890 and died on March 28th 1969. Eisenhower was the President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces […]