Causes of abortion

Thesis: There are main causes of abortion, social issues, genetic issues and sexual issues
Body paragraph
1: Social issues
A) young pregnancy
a) puberty
b) Miscarriage
B) Bullying
a) bullying in high school for pregnant woman
b)social issues smoking- alcohol
C)parental pressure
a) society in their family
b) parent\’s disappointment
2: Genetic Issues
A) Syndromes
a) antiphospholipid syndrome
b) asherman Syndrome
B) incest
a)Sexual relationship with family member
b) leads to
c) chromosome abnormalities
a) trisomy
b) a pregnant woman with any chromosome abnormality
3: Sexual Abuse
A) violation
a) sexual relation with an estrange person
B) mental issues of the pregnant woman
a) depression
b) bulimnia/anorexia
C) physical issues of the pregnant women

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