Cell Biology Illustrated Essay

Words: 363
Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

Learning Outcomes:
1.    Describe the structure of a range of biologically important molecules and how structure enables function.

Assignment Title: Illustrated Essay
Proteins perform a wide range of essential functions in living things.  This is due to their ability to fold into a specific shape, and, often, to their ability to alter their shape in a controlled and predetermined way.  Protein structure is the key to their function.

You will write an illustrated essay chosen from the 3 titles listed below.  Which ever title you choose you should show how protein structure is related to the functions you describe.

1.    Describe the roles of proteins found in cell membranes.

2.    Describe how enzymes are able to act as biological catalysts.

3.    Using named examples explain how the structures of fibrous and globular proteins allow them to perform their required functions.

Assessment Criteria:

1.    Clear description of the relationship between protein structure and function in the context of the chosen essay. (50%)

2.    Choice of appropriate illustrations and their effective use to support the descriptions and/or explanations. (35%)

3.    Identification of relevant texts referred to in the report using the Harvard referencing system outlined in the assignment handbook. (10%)

4.    Submission of an essay plan. (5%)

Type of assignment:  Illustrated essay
Weighting: 25%

Word count: 1250 words

All text should be fully justified, size 12 Arial font, with 1.5 line spacing, and normal margins.  The report should contain page numbers and a header indicating your name, the module code and the assignment title.  You must include a completed assignment submission cover sheet.  Reference relevant sources using the appropriate Harvard Referencing system.

Indicative reading:

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