Charles Manson a genius mad man

Purpose and Goal of this Paper: A researched argument clearly states your opinion on a controversial issue and provides necessary support for your opinion. 2) Research a common ghost story or urban legend. Here you will focus on the different versions of this ghost story or legend, its origin (if known), and the changes that have been made over time. If you choose a ghost story, your argument will be whether, according to you and based on your research, this is actually based in fact and if there is enough evidence to prove that it exists. If you choose an urban legend, your argument will be why this legend started. For example, why was an urban legend created about people seducing you and then stealing your kidneys?

3) Research an unsolved mystery/crime. For this topic you will present the facts of the crime/possible killer(s) and then hypothesize based on your research who committed the crime and how. You make the choice as to who you believe is the killer—this will be your thesis and the main focus of your paper.

4) Research a known serial killer. For this choice, you will present the background of the killer, the crimes themselves, and then make a judgment as to why they did what they did. This will be your thesis—the cause behind the crimes. In this case you are psychoanalyzing the person that you have chosen.

5) Writer’s Topic – If you have an idea that you would like to research, email me your idea ASAP. I may not approve certain topics, especially topics that have already had research papers written about it. (There are many topics that have been beaten into the ground with a very, very large stick—you’ll want to stay away from those.)

Getting Started: First, choose your topic—there are four main categories here, but there are many possible topics within these categories. Next, you will need to do some reading to educate yourself about the issue.  The topics that I am offering are very broad, so narrowing will need to begin immediately, and the only way to do that is by reading to see what trends you notice in the research.  For the purposes of narrowing your focus, feel free to look at newspapers and general websites on the web.  Note, however, that these kinds of sources will not be appropriate for the argument itself.  Then, you will create an original argumentative claim. After you have determined the claim or focus of your argument, create an outline that will give you a clear idea about the intended development of the essay and your research needs.
Finally, your academic research will begin.

Research Requirements: You must have at least four academic sources. These can be any academic journals found through the library’s online site, book sources, or web resources found on Google scholar. For many of your topics, you will have to venture to the library. Book sources may become your best friends here—and it won’t be the first time that you will have to venture there. Note about early birds and worms: you should try not to wait too long—the book that you need may no longer be there.

Structure: (Note: Your paper must have all of these elements in order to receive a passing grade for this assignment.)

INTRODUCTION: The first paragraph of the paper should 1) engage the reader’s attention by making an appeal to either emotion or logic as appropriate, 2) provide the reader with any background necessary to a basic understanding of the argument, and 3) provide a thesis – This single declarative sentence should clearly state your position on the issue and will indicate the organization of the argument itself.  NOTE:  Your thesis should be the last sentence of your introduction!
The introduction of this argument must be a single paragraph that engages the reader’s attention, provides background, and gives a thesis that clearly states the argument that you intend to make.  As you can tell, the introduction has a large responsibility in terms of the argument!
BODY: Topic sentences – The first sentence of each body paragraph should connect to the thesis by making a clear, definitive statement about the point you intend to make.  Topic sentences should be entirely in your own words: no summaries, paraphrases, or quotations allowed.  Connect your topics together with clear transitions, such as “Along with (the point that I made above), there is also the fact that (the point that you want to discuss in this paragraph).
Body paragraphs – Each body paragraph should focus on explaining what makes your point in the topic sentence valid.  You will provide evidence from outside sources and explain how those sources prove your point.  A good rule to follow is the 1/2 ratio: for every single sentence of source material, you should provide at least 2 sentences of explanation.  These explanatory connections will be the bulk of your paper.
Your argument should consist of multiple paragraphs in which you state a specific point and then provide concrete researched support for your assertions.

CONCLUSION: This paragraph should attempt to provide closure for the reader.  With an argument, this often means that you let the reader know what you want them to do about the information that you have provided.
Length: 5-7 pages plus the works cited page

Paper Format: All papers must be in Times New Roman 12 pt. font with one inch margins, double spaced, must include your name and page numbers as the header, the information from your last paper (your name, my name etc.) double spaced, and a centered title or cover page with the title included. Your paper must be in APA format.

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TOPIC:: paper is arguing that he was  serial killer for manipulating other people into doing his bidding.  will later be made in to a power point presentation

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