Civil Rights

Civil Rights Paper Instructions .
Analyze the issues of racial discrimination and of sex harassment in the following scenario. Discuss what the likely legal outcome is in your opinion and what civil rights laws may have been violated and why.

Cayce Pollard is a new nurse at Big City Hospital (BCH)l, a public hospital. She is a registered nurse with a special training in neonatal intensive care. She has been hired to work in the NICU at Big City Hospital. Ms. Pollard is African-American.

In her first month of work, a new patient arrived, a young male infant born at 20 weeks. Cayce’s supervisor commended her on her work and professionalism in caring for the infant. After a few days a note appeared in the child’s chart, “No African-American nurses or staff”. This note was signed by the nursing supervisor. Cayce was upset and asked the Nursing Supervisor what was meant in the chart. The Nursing Supervisor indicated that she was acting only on the request of the family. The child’s parents had taken the Nurse Supervisor aside and told her, “We don’t want any black nurses taking care of our son. They don’t know what they are doing.” The Nursing Supervisor told Cayce that she understood how she must be upset but that BCH has the only NICU in the area, and the child needs the care and attention.

Cayce has also been frustrated by her experiences in the break room. Her colleagues Damien and Bernard often take break when she does. They are good friends and have been nothing but friendly with her. She considers them to all be friends. She does feel uncomfortable though when Damien is on his phone. Damien spends his time flipping through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr when he’s on his phone. He frequently is viewing a lot of sexually explicit and, for Cayce, uncomfortable images. Sometimes he shows the images to Bernard and they laugh a bit. She can tell that they try and hide the phone from her view when they can but she ends up seeing the images quite often. Even when she doesn’t see the images, she knows what they are laughing about and is uncomfortable. She has checked the policy for BCH. BCH has a policy prohibiting sexual harassment. The BCH policy states, “BCH is opposed to sexual harassment. To report sexual harassment, contact the attending in your department.” Cayce doesn’t want to do this since her attending, Dr. Morris, often comes in to the break room and jokes about some of the images on Damien’s phone.

Important Note by the Instructor:
Your papers are opportunities for you to critically reflect on the material in class. Paper formatting
• 4 pages only. 3 pages text, 1 page citations
• 1” margins
• Times New Roman or other serif type, 11pt.
• 1.5 spacing
• Title: must be short and descriptive. Center on page, bold.
• Issue statement – one very short paragraph. Left justified heading “Issue” bold. Clearly state the
issue that will be discussed. If you have a question that you are asked to answer it will be
restated here.
• Brief answer – one very short paragraph. Clearly state your answer or outcome to the problem or
issue. Left justified heading “Answer” bold.
• Analysis – two and one half pages. Clearly and concisely analyze the problem or issue. The
analysis justifies your brief answer and elaborates. Left justified heading “Analysis” bold.
• Use APA formatting for your paper.

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