Close-analysis essay on a single passage

This needs to be a close-analysis essay on a single passage taken from a non-fiction essay we were previously assigned to review.The essay needs to be at least 500 words and needs one works sited page.The passage is : \”It took less than three seconds and twelve feet of vertical air to shatter my world. Grief moved in shortly after. Grief is a rude houseguest. She stays up late. She leaves messes. She is lazy. Grief brings friends over without asking\”This is a passage taken from a non-fiction essay called \”Shattered\” by Charley Burlock.It is published on Narrativemagazine.comInstructions for this assignment from the professor are belowInstructions•Examine word choice. Is the vocabulary effective? Why or why not?•What is interesting about the passage?•What are the details included? Why are they included?•What is missing? What do you want to know more about?•Is the passage formal or informal? Explain why.•Draw conclusions•Write up observations•Find textual evidence•Write a thesis statement which supports your conclusions•Write your Close Analysis Essay using your details, your conclusions, your observations, and your evidence.•Write your thesis statement about your observations

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