Colin Powells essay, The Good Soldier,

Having read Colin Powells essay,The Good Soldier,consider the questions:
In response to the statement, Well, gosh, youre the black secretary of state, Powell says, No Im not…Im the secretary of state who is black. What does this response tell you about Powells notion of the importance of race?
Why does Powell tell kids that, in addition to himself, he wants General H. NormanSchwarzkopfto be a role model for them as well? What is the significance of this assertion?
Choose one of these questions and write a response of — at least –two paragraphs.
Remember, your reader does not know which question you have chosen nor the source that you read and upon which the questions are based. So, as with all research writing, in your introduction you must clearly inform your reader of your source — stating the full name of the sources author and the title of the source. You must present in your introduction a thesis statement (i.e. a paraphrased — in your own words — presentation of the question to which you will be responding in your writing). And, you must present in your introduction the key points, in support of your thesis, upon which you will be expanding and presenting valid source material in the following paragraph(s) of your writing.
Also, remember, this is a research writing course.So simply presenting your opinion is unacceptable.To support your response to your selected question, cite material from Ryans essay as well as other source material (that you discover through your onlineor library research activities).
With this and with all assignments in this class, attention to the use of proper MLA style formatting — as relative to the type of writing you are presenting — and proper proofreading and editing of your work are mandatory. You should have already reviewed theGeneral Assignments Requirements Checklist (included at the end of the Class Syllabus, and available in the Course Information section of the class Blackboard module). Taking the time to assessyour writing to confirm that it complies with the related elements of the Checklist will both enhance your opportunity for submitting the best quality writing of which you are capable and it will begin to hardwire these elements into your regular writing processes.

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