Colors affect moods in committing a crime. Discuss

This research paper has to be 5 pages type, double space in APA form. Please use vocabulary as a Undergraduate student and NO NO PLAGIARIZING in this research paper!!

I want my research paper to really explain how does color affect the criminals in the Criminal Justice system & society in committing crimes in any way and give examples. I want you to really go in dept with this research topic and maybe show interviews or films that can relate to this topic.
-Does color affect moods in society committing a crime…
-Does color effect design for moods…
-Does color symbolism something in the Criminal Justice system & society…
-Does it affect criminals & society to become emotional and commit a crime again and again…

Down bellow I attached a file and in that file I have to choose 2 or 3 theory and explain my topic with the theory you choose and why does this theory fit my topic.

For any questions please ask me. Thank you.

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