Each entry should link one of the theories we have studied to an everyday lifeexperience. Log entries can take several different forms:1. s of how a piece of fiction, an essay, news article, advertisement, music lyric, or cartoonillustrates the theory. Please attach a copy of the item you are explaining, if possible.2. s of how a scene from a film or TV show illustrates the theory. You may need to verybriefly describe the scene prior to applying the theory.3. Personal reflections describing how a particular theory can help explain, predict, and/or understandsome aspect of communication (from your life or others).Clearly identify the theory and theorist(s) to which you are responding.5. Highlight vocabulary terms from the theory in italics.6. If possible contain a copy of any item to which you are referring (e.g., article, poem, cartoon, etc.).7. MOST IMPORTANT: Analyze how the item or experience relates to the theory you have chosen.

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