I.          Select an area of Conflict Theory/Research

A.        Family Conflict

1.         Marital

2.         Sibling

3.         Parent-Child

B.        Male-Female

1.         Interpersonal

2.         Organizational

C.        Organizational

1.         Superior-Subordinate

2.         Co-worker

3.         Interorganizational

D.        Conflict between friends/roommates

E.         Conflict between government leaders/nations

F.         Conflict Theory

1.         Styles

2.         Tactics

3.         Power

4.         Goal Clarification

5.         Third Party Intervention/Mediation


II.        Develop an Individual Analysis Paper  (12-15 pages – not including bibliography; 20         sources minimum – web site/domain used must be .gov, .org, or .edu)

A.        Why is this an important area to study  (1 – 2 pages)?

1.         Significant problem exists that needs to be addressed.

2.         Little attention has been given to this area.

3.         Practical considerations.


B.        Review of the literature  (7-8 pages)

1.         What have researchers/writers reported about this subject?

2.         What do you think of their insights (positive/negative)?


C.        How can the information reported in the literature be used by people practically to         manage conflict  (3-4 pages)?

1.         What can the average person be taught?

2.         How could you go about teaching this information?


D.        Suggestions for future research  (1-1 pages)

1.         What more do we need to learn about this area of conflict?

2.         What type of further study is needed?

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