community health diagnosis related to diabetes

Must have 4 components:1) Identify the health problem 2) The affected community 3)the etiological statement 4) evidence or support for diagnosis2. A community health nursing diagnosis using the format given in lecture and illustrated in Chapter 6. This diagnosis may be the one that will be used for the Community Health Project or another diagnosis that has been identified with the PAR. ( 2 points) Format for writing a community diagnosis is given in the textbook and the power point. The format must be used for full credit to be given.3. Summary of student clinical activities (be specific) prior to the due date of journal. Clinical activities must reflect population-focus ( 2 points)4. Summary of the agency including name, population served, funding sources and services provided. (2 points)5. Student clinical outcomes met to date (refer to student clinical outcomes for the course) (2 points) The outcomes and the clinical activity that supports achievement of the outcomes must be written out.6. Documentation of the connection between the clinical activities and course content. (Must document at least 5 areas of course content with explanation) (5 points)7. Risk factors for the PAR and identify health education needs that can be addressedthis is what I needI do not need question 3 or 4

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