Compare and contrast two men in Tite Poulette and Bastien

TOPIC CONTINUE: In George Washington Cable’s “Tite Poulette,” and Sallie Rhett Roman’s “Bastien, A Xmas in the Great Salt Marshes of Louisiana,” the narratives are told from the point of view of outsiders, Kristian Koppig and Barton, respectively. Both male protagonists are trying to solve mysteries that are intrinsic to the plot. In “Tite Poulett,” Kopping is trying to understand the lives of the Creole women, Madame John and her “daughter” Tite Poulette” and come to their rescue. In “Bastien,” Barton aims to clear Bastien’s son, Paul, of criminal charges and come to Bastien’s rescue. Compare and contrast the maneuvers of these two men as the plots unravel.Purpose: You are assigned to write a literary analysis which will involve the synthesis of several texts. Do not conduct outside researchfor this assignment; I am looking for your close analysis and explication. Keep in mind that Turnitin will detect the incorporation of outside sources in your paper. ***To this end, I expect you to examine the formal elements and use the literary terms that I have emphasized in my lectures.**Do not incorporate any lengthy poetry or prose quotations in your paper (remain aware of your audience, me, and the fact that your audience is very familiar with the texts). A paper that consists mostly of quotation will not be considered passing. Use quotes judiciously and efficiently and document in MLA format.Length: A minimum of four and a half typed pages, double-spaced, standard font, MLA format. Papers in the A-B range will exceed this minimum length requirement.

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