Compare the key elements of the U.S. health care system with Canada.

Prepare a FIVE (5) PAGE, SINGLE SPACE, paper comparing the key elements of the U.S. health care system with Canada. Think of the following elements of any health care system: What is the employer’s role in the health care system? What is government’s role? What is the individual’s role? How is health care funded? What are the two most significant differences between the health care system that you have selected (e.g., France or India) and the U.S.? A Few Important Reminders: Use single-line-spacing, except between paragraphs or paragraph headings. I expect two lines between paragraphs. Please use title headings so that I and others who may read your paper are given a hint about what they will be reading about next. This is very important. Here is a footnote format example: “Fix is needed for subsidies: Reducing the minimal amount of coverage may be the best way to tweak ACA,” Modern Healthcare, Donald Susswein, August 5, 2013 Each footnote is sequential. In other words 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I should not see a footnote 1 on page three of your paper. If you use the same source more than once, each reference to that source should have a separate footnote. A very successful paper will include your analysis and thoughts of the topic you selected. A good way to let me know what you are thinking is by starting a sentence with “I think . . . .” or “I believe . . . .” An effective paper starts with a Purpose Statement that clearly and concisely expresses purpose of your paper. An effective paper also includes after the Purpose Statement a crisp, clear summary of the conclusions you reach as a result of your research and analysis. Include examples to help make your most important points. I just love page numbers, and I trust you do too. To put it another way, I expect numbers in your paper.

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