compare two literature writers

This is what I have so far maybe you can help finish the essay in the same line. However, I am not sure if what I wrote make sense with the topic and the assignment. The professor wants a literature analysis research essay using the literature terms of courses. Also, the professor wants us to get information about the writers to add in the essay The Diverse Package of Learning Should we learn from personal mistakes or from other people’s advice? It is funny how many people think that they get stronger by surviving a wrong decision then by listening, and analyze other people’s advice to prevent mistakes. Learning is a path that contains consistency, discernment and a right state of mind. They all depend on each other. One can not be consistent without knowing what is the most or least beneficial advice to take when making a decision. However, making the wrong decision, could bring serious consequences with it. In the essay, “I’m a Mad Dog Bitting Myself for Sympathy” Louise Erdrich relate

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