Comparing Elizabethan and Jacobean Comedy

no outside sources please : 500 words (3-5 paragraphs), no more than 20% of the paper should be quotations Instructions: Write a paper in which you address one of the following prompts, narrowing and specifying it as needed. Make an argument, and present and interpret evidence from the texts, including quotations, to support your argument. Quote and cite drama correctly (depending on whether its poetry or prose). Prompts (choose one): 1. Compare/Contrast and analyze the characters each play mocks. What is the purpose of poking fun at these characters? Does the audience laugh at these characters? Does the characters and our laughter have the purpose and/or effect of purg[ing] social vices (Amanbayeva 2) as early modern humanist philosophy believed? Why or why not? Do the plays believe laughter has or can have this effect? Are they arguing or satirizing this philosophy? 2. Compare/Contrast and analyze the perception and treatment of women in each play, identifying the main similarity or difference as well as what explains it. What are the purpose and implications of the similarities or differences? 3. Compare/Contrast and analyze the presentation of human cruelty in each play. Do both plays share the same perception and portrayal of human cruelty? Do they have the same purpose for highlighting it? Explain. 4. Identify one human trait (or flaw) both plays highlight and analyze how and why they present it. 5. Analyze the effect of leisure on characters behavior and judgment in each play. What do these effects suggest about societys perception of leisure? Explain. 6. Analyze the relationship between leisure and power in each play. How and why are they connected or interrelated?

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