Comparing United States of America & South Africa

Use the below list to compare the United States with a country of your choice from the South American or African continent [South Africa]In each field provide a brief description of the issue for the U.S. and the state of your choice [South Africa]As of 2016 America and South AfricaLIST:Size & GeographyPolitical CulturePolitical RegimeComposition of societyEconomic DevelopmentForeign PolicyHigh or Low Capacity StateState AutonomyYour issueIndicate the difference or sameness regarding each listed item and your comparative issue.After constructing the comparative table use deductive reasoning and try to extrapolate some larger explanation that the difference or sameness among the two countries can explain.What is the limitation of your conclusion? The answer should be organized in the form of an essay response.See below for further instructions on format, style, and citations.Each essay should be two pages long.Table and text should not exceed three pages.Formatting Instructions: All papers must be:Max 3 pages of text, inclusive of the table, essay, name, title, and citations.No cover sheet, just your name and an indication of which country you chose12 point Times font – Double spaced – 1 inch margins on all sidesStyle Instructions: Make your answer in the form of an organized essay which includes:- A specific thesis statement that explains your argument and does not merely restate the question- You should support your argument with evidence from literary sources- Keep direct quotes to a minimum. Instead paraphrase the text into your own words to show you understand the concepts- Use proper citations Citation Instructions Make sure you use the following method for citations- If you use sources outside of the class materials, cite them properly- Use parenthetical citations, for example: (Smith 2009, p. 15)- In the footnote provide full bibliographic information about the source you used, using Chicago citation style.Plagiarism, as defined by the student handbook, and in any possible form, is unacceptable and will result with the appropriate sanctions and penalties outlined in the student handbook, as well as a score of 0 for the course. So don’t do it!

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