comprehensive EMS Training Program

AssignmentSubmit a research paper and official Recommendation Memorandum outlining the initiatives for establishing a comprehensive EMS Training Program. The intent of this project is to apply critical thinking skills and to research alternatives to the current Fire Rescue EMS training program.Your professional writing ability will be evaluated on the following:• Overall appearance, clarity, and logic• Spelling, grammar, punctuation• Avoidance of plagiarism• Compliance with the assignment instructions belowProject FormatThe assignment must be submitted in Microsoft Word and as specified below. This project must include:• Cover Page• Introduction/Problem Statement• Body• Conclusion• Reference section as Appendix 1.Use the following formatting for the Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and References:• Margins – 1 inch top, bottom, and both sides• Fonts – Unless otherwise specified, fonts shall be Times New Roman 12-point font• Subheadings (“Introduction”, “Body”, “Conclusion” and “References”) shall be in bold Times New Roman 12-point font. All subheadings shall be centered in the page.• Spacing – 1.5 (You can select this with the “Line Spacing” button in the “Line and Paragraph Spacing” icon of your Word tool bar)Brevity and Clarity – The Introduction, Body, and Conclusion should not exceed ten (10) pages. There is no minimum page count. The Cover page, Reference page(s), and Recommendation Memorandum are not included in this page total.Introduction/Problem Statement SectionThis section should state the issue and identify the problem. It should include a short overview of the current EMS Training Program.BodyThe Body should identify and describe the proposed program and its benefits, applicability to South Carolina DHEC-EMS Regulations, limitations (if any), personnel expectations, and how it supports community expectations of service delivery.It should also include:• Potential program sources and vendors• Applicability to current national, state, and local rules, regulations, and best practices• Support needs (technology, protocol tie-ins, time requirements, etc.)• Costs and funding sources• Any other pertinent informationConclusionSummarize the most important parts of the research paper and provides a logical end point to the research.References (Appendix 1)Cite all references and sources in this section:• Reference format is not specified, but format must be consistent• Research sources must be external to our organization.• You may not use any Fire Rescue member as a research source.Do not need to cite the references in the body of the document, but ensure that each reference is listed and proper credit is given for your sources.Recommendation Memorandum (Appendix 2)Summarize the most important points from your research paper and make recommendations that address the needs and benefits of your research findings.• Remove the word “DRAFT” reference from the memorandum title prior to delivering it.• The Recommendation Memorandum should not exceed two (2) pages.If you have any questions, let me know

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