Conceptual framework for essay

The purpose of this assessment is to assess your understanding of wider literature on the subject and your ability to develop a conceptual framework that draws on theories to be applied to the analysis and assessment of a selected decentralisation program. Therefore, this is a formative step towards assessment 4: Decentralisation essay and it provides you with an opportunity to organise your ideas and receive constructive feedback before developing your arguments more fully.Essay topic:While decentralisation is widely used as a strategy to improve governance and service delivery in practice it has achieved decidedly mixed results especially in developing countries. In the context of decentralisation theory evaluate the performance of a recent decentralisation policy/program from a developing country of your choice highlighting the factors that explain such results.Your conceptual framework should include:• An abstract of 200 words• Headings to be used• Summary of concepts covered under each heading• Identification of key literature / authorsAssessment criteria:• Inclusion of key ideas and arguments• Logical flow and conceptual coherence• Literature / authors identified are relevant and adequate• Satisfactory synthesis and integration of diverse literature/perspectivesPS: this assignment will be like project proposal for the next big assignment on Decentralisation. Please ask me for anything that is unclear. and use only official journals and DOi number materials only. don\’t forget formatting the essay before sending it to me. Thank you.

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