Conduct research about your occupancy, its occupants, and the egress (or life safety) of those Occupants.

Department of Fire Science and Professional Studies
Egress and Life Safety Analysis – FIRE 2225
The Occupant assigned to me: DAY CARE
Your instructor is going to be taking the role of a Community Developer and requires your assistance in
Conducting researching the groundwork in order to conduct a Life Safety Analyses of various buildings.
1. Conduct research about your occupancy, its occupants, and the egress (or life safety) of those
Occupants. Provide a detailed analysis of the following: (Use Chapter 6 of the text to provide direction)
a. Discuss some of the features of NFPA 101 that make it unique, such as discussing the
Classification of hazard of contents; construction requirements; protection from
Hazards, detection, alarm, and notification; drills and extinguisher training; building
Services, etc (other than listed in Ch. 7-10)
b. Occupant characterization – use as a guide the information from Chapter 6 of the text
And NFPA 101: 5.4.5 (with appendix)
c. Occupant reaction and response in emergency situations
d. Occupant risk factors
2. Research a fire of significance that occurred within your occupancy that you can use as a case study
a. Provide a summary of the fire of significance (its cause, reasons for occupant injuries and
b. Write about the fire of significance as it relates contextually to the time period. Identify some
Factors that may have led to the fire (and spread) and/or the occupant fatalities.
c. What improvements have been made to prevent loss of life?
3. Develop at least two fire scenarios (as discussed in Chapter 5 of NFPA 101: Ch. 5). You will be
Developing a plausible, hypothetical scenario located somewhere in your occupancy. One scenario
Should be a Typical or common scenario and the other one should be a high-challenge scenario.
Included in the scenarios should be the following:
a. Ignition factors – source of ignition, material first ignited (and where it ignited for solids)
b. The maximum heat release rate for the material first ignited.
c. Occupant location in relation to the fire first ignited
4. Egress Calculations
a. Discuss what the how you would apply Fruin’s Level of Service to your occupancy (if applicable)
b. Discuss the things that would contribute to time from notification until occupants decide to take action and time from decision to take action until evacuation commences (pre-evacuation activity time.
c. Design a scenario for occupant egress and conduct a hand calculation for the time for passage.
Again, this should be a realistic scenario
The project should be written up using a program such as PowerPoint. Refer to the format used by the
Projects at CalPoly that are posted on Blackboard. It should have diagrams, pictures, equations, and
Explanations of your materials.

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