Contributions should show how current events deal with the ethical issues identified in the text and/or our discussions.

Contributions should show how current events deal with the ethical issues identified in the text and/or our discussions. Contributions can include video clips or links to magazine/newspaper articles but cannot be more than two months old. In addition to sharing a link, you will show a clear connection between the article and the course material in an entry of at least 150 words. 

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Blog 1 topic

Chapter 1: Slides (PPTX) (PDF version)

This chapter will introduce you to the important concerns in the study of ethics and will compel you to ponder whether an ethical code is important, or even possible, in contemporary society.


Blog 2 topic

Chapter 2: Slides (PPTX) (PDF version)

As Uncle Ben famously said inSpiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This chapter explores the power of stories to convey morals and values in a meaningful, lasting way.


Blog 3 topic

Chapters 5 and 6: Slides (PPTX) (PDF version)


This week’s readings explore the moral theories of utilitarianism and deontology.

  • Chapter 5 – Using Your Reason, Part 1: Utilitarianism
  • Chapter 6 – Using Your Reason, Part 2: Kant’s Deontology

Blog 4 topic

Chapters 8 and 9: Slides (PPTX) (PDF version)

  • Chapter 8 – Virtue Ethics from Tribal Philosophy to Socrates and Plato
  • Chapter 9 – Aristotle’s Virtue Theory: Everything in Moderation

 Blog 5 topic

Chapters 10 and 11: Slides (PPTX) (PDF version)


Chapter 11 focuses on three specific virtues: courage, compassion and gratitude.

  • Chapter 10 – Contemporary Perspectives (through page 518)

Chapter 11 – Myself or Others? (through page 580)


The blog entry should look something like this….


Governor Jerry Brown Signs Assisted Suicide Law

According to the Los Angeles Times Newspaper, Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill saying that assisted suicide is now legal in California. This bill will allow mentally capable people who have terminal illnesses to choose when to end their lives. In my own opinion, this is one of the biggest moral dilemmas in the world today. Do we let people suffer through illnesses that they feel they won’t recover form? Or, do we let them ease their pain by ending their lives prematurely? Personally, I would let them choose as long as they were mentally capable of making their own decisions. During a poll in May 2015, 68 percent of Americans were for euthanasia of terminally ill citizens. I believe that the Governor of California has made a very utilitarianism based approach by going with the majority decision here. If it will make the majority of America and the terminally ill happy to see their wishes granted and pain ended then why not pass the law? Under the LA times link is a video of a woman who wished to die under this new law.


(n.d.). Retrieved November 2, 2015, from

In U.S., Support Up for Doctor-Assisted Suicide. (n.d.). Retrieved November 2, 2015, from

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