Coreparate governance.

Please read all the attached documents for specic instructions: I have attached
1. The assignment Brief
2. Mark Scheme
3. Mitchell and Butlers Annual Report 2014 (read pages 28-75 for corporate governance
4. Mitchell and Butlers Annual Report 2015 (read pages 35-70 for corporate governance

As an overview this is a Business Report advising shareholder groups in respect of corporate governance and risk management issues for Mitchell and Butlers. Split into two sections of questions Section A and B.

One Main point. Please try not to be son descriptive and more analytical. Critically evaluate Mitchell and Butlers practices rather than merely state

General Guideline for word count:
Section A: 1290 words
Section B: 1840 words
Intro/Conclusion/Recommendations- 270 words
This is a guide based on weighting for marks it is NOT exact word counts. But please be aware if you move along way from this guide it will be difficult to maximise scores in each section.

Recommended report format:

Executive Summary
Corporate Governance
Risk Management
Also, if you need any additional help i can provide lecture slides etc.

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