corporate restructuring

Use an example of your choice to discuss how ‘corporate restructuring’ transformed market, productive and financial performance.

Obviously the essay is framed around and example.
Example can be:M&S, BT, CAT(Workshop7).
CAT is used here. (
A satisfactory answer should highlight the mature characteristics of demand particularly in Cat’s main market(USA and Emerging economies).
You should also identify CAT’’s major competitors. Which theory to use? Porter!?
The discussion should highlight both the cyclical nature of infrastructure spending that impact on demand for heavy machinery resulting in low capacity utilization and consequently lower returns to capital.
To discuss the strategies implemented by the CEO to set performance targets and the unexpected growth in financial services profit. Which theory to use? Value chain and sector matrix?!
You will have to investigate Cat’s claims against broader evidence such as exchange rates, differences in markets ect. How this affect production, sales, profits, etc……
A more evaluative response will use an additional example of consumer goods e.g. cars, Japanese vs American assemblers to highlight the differences in prices embodying product market differences, cyclicality, exchange rates and differences in industry structure.

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