I see you address the objections I raised in the last paragraph of the body of your paper. But your response is inadequate. You say the government will pay for whatever procedures related to reproduction that a couple wants. But then you say that the couple should only aim for certain kinds of outcomes. This is not an adequate response because parents might still choose things that are harmful for the child or for society in general. For example, two deaf parents might choose to have a deaf child.

Your argument for why the state should pay for reproductive procedures for couples seems to be that it is good for the future children and good for society. But why, then, leave it up to the parents at all, since the parents might not choose what is good for the child or good for society? Your argument would be more effective if your position was that the government should make these reproductive decisions on behalf of the parents.

If you look at the prompt, you will see that I have asked you to make three assumptions when you write the paper: first, that we have perfect knowledge of genetics, second, that the government is capable of effectively administering a eugenics program, and, third, that the government aims at genuine human good instead of some false idea of what is good. Under these conditions, you cannot assume that the parents will have the correct idea of what to do for their children.

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