Coursework, Finance and Accounting

Project description
Detailed description of assessment

1.Coursework essay:
Critically discuss use of the underlying fundamental or equilibrium value of the exchange rate to determine whether a currency is misaligned.

You should refer to the academic and general literature to support your arguments.
(1).Please read the literature provided in the reference section, below, before begin research of this essay.
(2).Introduce the topic of the essay, the purpose, the main issues and the importance or relevance of the essay.
(3).Provide an in-depth discussion of the various viewpoints on the topic and evaluate these.
(4).Your discussion should be supported by literature and evidence.
(5).Provide a logical conclusion based on your discussion.

Cato, L. A.V. 2007. Why Real Exchange Rates?
Economist. 2007. Misleading misalignments. June 21.
Cassino, E., and Oxley, D. 2013. Exchange Rate Valuation and its Impact on the Real Economy, New Zealand Treasury, March.
Instruction files

paper_instructions-detailed_description_of_assessment.pdf(107,40 KiB)
paper_instructions-detailed_description_of_assessment.docx(12,93 KiB)

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