Coursework, Marketing

And after answering each question please provide references separately each question should have three reference. questions are below:
1) Multinational Market Organizations
Select any three African nations that may have some logical basis for establishing a multinational market organization and illustrate their compatibility as a trade group. Why have African nations had such difficulty in forming effective economic unions/trade groups? 85 WORDS, 3 REFERENCES
2) Review the case (which I will attach)Cross Borders. Discuss whether you feel that the US has a right to dictate how business is conducted in another country and support your view. Given that the in country national feels that no wrong-doing occurred how do you justify your position to them and what do you do when there is a resulting decline in the sales volume in that region?85 WORDS, 3 REFERENCES
3) What is the task of the international marketing researcher? How is it complicated by the foreign environment? 85 WORDS, 3 REFERENCES
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