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Please read the material then respond to the discussion question forum 4C below not less than 125words. occasional I don; tell the truth on my workplace to the excuse of not having a baby sister to my daughter so i can have a day off from work.Then Forum 4D is classmate discussion please respond to her discussion in 125 words. I will attach the material. all your response should be coming from the material provided.
.Discussion Forum 4C

Why for Kant is it important to always tell the truth, even if the consequences might be bad? Do you agree with him here? Have you ever been in a situation where you weren\’t forthcoming with the truth trying to do good yet the results were bad?

Forum 4D from the classmate please reply.
Living at an all girls school is difficult and there is often conflict among st peers. One time there was a situation where I had two close groups of friends that did not get along. One group of friends (lets call them group A) asked if the other group (group B) did not like them and told me to be completely honest. While Group B told me in confidence that they did not like Group A, Group A was my friend group first and seemed like they were trying to solve the problem instead of making it worse. If I told Group A that Group B liked them I would be lying, if I told them I didn\’t know the answer to their question I would be lying, but if I broke the confidence of Group B I would be a bad friend. I was completely honest to Group A and just told them that Group B did not like them and the consequences were terrible. Not only did I lose Group B as friends completely, but group A was upset that I did not tell them sooner. I believe that maybe if I had lied and said that I was not sure, everything would still be the way it was.

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