Create a detailed introduction that contains a thesis that offers a debatable claim based on one of the prompts on the list.

Fix everything wrong with draft adding another secondary source from scholarly peer viewed list. Below are items needed also to be included and/or fixed:

n this assignment, you will refine that thesis even further and develop your argument. You are required to incorporate your instructor’s feedback in your Final Paper and to take peer feedback into consideration.

In your paper,
•Create a detailed introduction that contains a thesis that offers a debatable claim based on one of the prompts on the list.
•Apply critical thought by analyzing the primary source you selected from the approved List of Literary Works. Avoid summary and personal reflection.
•Develop body paragraphs that contain clear topic sentences and examples that support the argument.
•Write a conclusion that reaffirms the thesis statement and includes a summary of the key ideas in essay.
•Apply your knowledge of literary elements and other concepts in your response to the prompt. Reference the list of literary elements found in Week Two of the course and discussion forums.
•Incorporate research from the primary and secondary sources.
Professor’s comments for revision:
Great start on this draft! You’ve got an interesting thesis and good development as to how these ideas relate to the similarities between the grandmother and The Misfit. Be sure that you connect your points to the literary elements of action and dialogue. These are the main literary elements you refer to. Then, develop symbolism in its own paragraph where you look through the whole story for symbols and how they reflect the similarities between the grandmother and The Misfit.

My main suggestion is to focus on including evidence (direct quotes) from the story itself. There are many places where you’ll need to support your point with evidence, which I’ve marked on your story (though not all of them). Overall, remember that a literary analysis relies on you using words and phrases from the story to support your points about the use of literary elements and your thesis.
Be sure to carefully read through the feedback I’ve provided in my in-text comments here, as well as the Week 3 discussion board, the announcement board, and the resources provided with the instructions. Let me know if you have any questions.
Remember that I do not mark every error, but I will mark one or two as examples. Thus, you will need to learn what the error is and how to find and fix the rest. Grading for the Final Paper is almost entirely based on how well you revise and develop this draft, so be sure to read my comments and make the revisions suggested.

Two sources already included in Draft. Need one more source.

All items needed have been uploaded

Book for literary analysis:

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