Create for publication is to inform a specified audience about particular information or to advertise a particular service or product.

This project will take the form of a Proposal in which you undertake the publication of a technical document in your field: the purpose of the technical document you create for publication is to inform a specified audience about particular information or to advertise a particular service or product.
It is important that you come up with a specific audience for your Proposal and also with a specific audience for the technical document you propose to publish. For example, you might want to include this Proposal in your personal portfolio as a writing sample; therefore, you could address it to a particular agency that represents the kind of place you hope to work in the future. In your proposal, you will direct your suggestions to that specific audience, asking that audience to help you complete the project your proposal describes. In other words, your Proposal is a formal request for support or sponsorship by the agency you are writing to; you are pointing out a problem to them, and you are demonstrating how a specific document could fix that problem, and you are asking them to help you create the document so that the problem will be fixed.
As you decide what problem to define, and as you consider what type of technical document to create for this project, be sure to name (a) the purpose and (b) the audience of that technical document: is it to advertise your companys services to the public, or to other companies? Is it a how-to for users of a certain product? Or is it perhaps to educate people about an important issue, concern, or problem in the contemporary workplace? Whatever important purpose you select, it is imperative that you make this purpose clear to the technical documents audience, and, moreover, that you make the audience for your message clear to your Proposals audience, since they will surely be different.
Your Proposal should include (at minimum) a cover page, a statement of the problem, your annotated bibliography in APA style(with careful documentation of your sources), and a budget and timeline projection, along with your own conclusions and recommendations about how the document you have created will solve the problem. You must include a complete draft of the technical document that is your solution to the problem, incorporating graphics and outside sources as necessary. This paper should be 8-10 pages long. You will include a minimum of five annotated sources, and the references page and cover sheet are not part of the page count.

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