Create marketing campaign for Apple iPad Pro.

For this assignment you will be asked to create marketing campaign for Apple iPad Pro. THis assignment include two parts:
1) A one page executive summary
2) A nine pages written document outlining how you recommend marketing your chosen product.In addition to the nine pages you may add appendices, however, key tables/graphs/illustrations should be
included into the body of the document when possible.

*The conclusion of your document should be a presentation of the 4 Ps. The overall goal for the remainder of the document is to build a case for your decisions on the 4 Ps. The document should include a brief introduction to your product and overall company. The guidelines for this assignment are deliberately ambiguous as developing a structure for the solution is part of how you can demonstrate what you have learned in class.
*You are expected to do independent research as you develop your solutions for this assignment. It is understood that you will not be able to find all the information we would like to have to develop a marketing plan, but your assignment will be judged in part on the use of outside evidence to help
present your case.
*You may choose to draw inspiration for organizing your document from any of the many marketing plan templates available online, but you do not need to formally follow a marketing plan outline. The key is to use the concepts and overall structure of the marketing process we have covered in class to help build your case for your 4P decisions.

Topics included in class are below:
customer value
customer lifetime value
marketing segmentation, targeting, positioning

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