Create Your Own Examples

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Create Your Own Examples
Listen to the music provided below and follow these directions to create your own examples:

Your task has two parts: an outline and some questions.

I. Outline the Piece

As you listen to the piece, watch the counter and pause when you hear the repeating of a musical idea, or the beginning of a different idea. Click the “pause” button and write down the counter time. Go through the piece this way and outline the timings of each musical idea. Give a brief description of what happens in the music, such as who is playing and how loudly. The outline begins like this:

Idea A :0-:15 loud, orchestra
Idea A :15-:30 solo horn
Idea B :30-:44 soft, orchestra

Now complete the outline in a similar way.

II. Answer these questions

How does Handel use volume to achieve variety?
How does Handel use instruments to achieve variety?
What contributes to unity in this piece?
Please NUMBER your answers.

To start your assignment, click on the word “Submit”. You will see a new window with an empty field for you to type your answer. After you complete your answer, click again on the word “Submit” to send your work to me. Please note that the quality of your writing will affect your grade. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and other aspects of writing all matter!
Have fun!