Critical Assessment Paper of Frederick Taylor\’s Scientific Management

PA510: Administrative ThoughtShort Critical Papers – What are they? Critical papers usually consists of two to three very directed questions to help you synthesize scholarly debates. This means that you must pay attention to the argument that is being made and the assumptions within the arguments. A critical assessment means that you are discussing scholars’ arguments in the context of the debates and critiques surrounding the arguments (Rosenbloom readings [Waldo] is a good example of critique of the early models). You are demonstrating your understanding of the various arguments that have been made concerning the points to be covered in the paper. A critical assessment is not your personal opinion of the scholarly arguments; it is, however, your interpretation of the scholarly arguments. Short critical papers give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts, assumptions, and theoretical arguments of public administration/policy theories and your synthesis of what we have covered.Format – The paper must be a Word document of six to ten (6-10) full pages of organized text, double-spaced, with a font size of 12. Please organize your paper into two sections that correspond to ‘points to be covered’ listed below; each section of the paper must be at least two – three full pages of text. Make sure that you cite the sources you are using to develop your points, using a standard citation method.INSTRUCTIONS: Paper 1 using readings and our discussion from Unit 1, please write a paper that critically assesses how the models from 1880’s to 1920’s either promoted or constrained effectiveness and efficiency of public organizations. Note: You will have to answer the question by explaining a chosen model, AND explaining efficiency and effectiveness, and then assess how it promotes or constraints.Points to be covered in the paper (at least two full pages of text for each question):Please note that this is not a research paper or a seminar paper. Instead, it is a very focused paper that covers three specific points below:1. Choose one or two models from Unit 1. Explain (not describe) the model and then critically assess how the model either promoted or restricted efficiency and effectiveness in government organizations. Please refer to the readings and class discussion to make your points and cite your sources.2. Explain (not describe) the dichotomy of public administration and then critically assess how the dichotomy either promotes or restricts the public servant’s ability to deliver government services. Please refer to the readings and class discussion to make your points and cite your sources.3. Explain how one argument from a theory or critique of public administration is linked to your future career interests or research. Please refer to the readings to support the points you make and cite your sources. (Please do not refer to yourselves in the third person, it is okay to use “I”).Please see the attached word document for links to resources on Taylor\’s Scientific Management. I apologize, I was not able to find the original Taylor Article.

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