Critically discuss and determine an understanding of the strategic marketing planning process.

Assessment Type:

A Business Report.

Module Learning Outcomes to be assessed:

. Identify and discuss contemporary marketing strategies ——– and through case study example discuss their success, failure ,future contributions to the fields and activities of contemporary and future marketing activities

Critically discuss and determine an understanding of the strategic marketing planning process

Undertake and evaluate situational analysis related to the design of market – driven strategies and their translation into marketing programmes

Define key marketing activities and discuss findings in terms of limitations, contributions and worth; including contributions to informed marketing decisions

Assess and determine the critical issues to be confronted in implementing and managing market- driven strategies


Assignment Brief:

As a marketing consultant you have held a preliminary meeting with a client to discuss their future strategic approach to Relationship Marketing.
You have promised to deliver to this client a short business report on how they may benefit from a more comprehensive relationship programme targeted at all stakeholders – not just customers.
Prepare your short business report which will be the basis of future discussions with this client organisation.

Base your report on a client organisation of your own choice.

Marking Criteria:

• Describing your chosen organisation – its products and targeted customers.

(10 Marks – approx. 250 words)

• Analysing the client`s current approaches to customer relationship marketing- the potential benefits and limitations.

(20 marks – approx. 450 words)

• Discussion of the client organisation`s stakeholders and their potential importance to this client.
(30 marks – approx. 650 words)

• Advising how this organisation should plan and implement relationship programmes with these stakeholders.

(30 marks – approx. 650words)

• Academic Protocol – report layout and Harvard style referencing.

(10 marks)

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