Critically evaluate current research in the area of raising children’s achievement.

British Writer essential
Formative assessment- Literature Review- 1000 words- This will provide a framework for the summative assignment. (this is what I need completing for Thursday)
Academic research, educational theorists required to link to the title. (Raising the achievement of children (behaviour)
Summative Assignment- this is not yet required but this information is needed in order to complete the literature review.
Choose an area that you have become interested in during your time in school (my chosen area is behavior) and critically evaluate the extent to which it contributes to raising achievement across a range of children. . Use examples from your reading, research and school experience to analyze and discuss your findings.
(4000 words)
Criteria: Students will
Understand what is meant by achievement and understand and synthesize a range of factors that contribute to children’s achievement
Apply the methods and techniques that they have learned to tackle and solve problems within the area of childrens achievement and to initiate and carry out projects in a professional context
Understand and use research techniques relevant to the area of study
Critically evaluate current research in the area of raising childrens achievement
Demonstrate a high standard of presentation including accurate citation and referencing
Demonstrate a systematic understanding of knowledge, and a critical awareness of current thinking around inclusion
(assessment rubric will be provided)
I only have to complete the formative assessment literature review section (1000 words) for Friday 7th November.
The 4000 word summative assessment is only due after New Year.

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