Critically review the position of the fashion industry as a global, social phenomenon.

Contemporary Issues in Fashion

Just to clarify assessment details for E2 of Contemporary Issues in Fashion:

The Learning outcomes that relate to your assignment for E2 are:

LO2 – interpret history and developments of the fashion industry in the context of the growing debate on sustainability

LO3 – critically review the position of the fashion industry as a global, social phenomenon

You are required to write a 3,000 word critical essay where you:

Identify a significant movement, change or development taking place on a global level and discuss its potential impact
upon the fashion industry. Discuss any challenges and opportunities it presents and what its long-term and short-term impacts might be.

While you look at a significant movement that is likely to impact on the fashion industry, it is important to consider it in light of the sustainability imperative, in order to fulfil the requirements of Learning Outcome 3.

For example, you may want to talk about the impact of digital production systems – maybe 3D printing – but in reflecting upon that consider the positives of potential zero waste, but also the creation of more synthetic materials such as nylons that are used in 3D printing – so there is a discussion to be had about the pros and cons of this. Or in discussing the rise of the Asian markets in terms of luxury consumption, relate that to the sustainability issues of expanding consumption, etc.

I hope that will clarify things a little. You will have the opportunity to discuss you ideas for your essay with your tutor in class as the Future of Fashion course progresses, but in the meantime sustainability should be part of your essay (and could even be the main focus of it) so you can be researching that.

So to summarise – in writing your essay please make sure that you achieve the Learning Outcomes LO2 and LO3, as well as answering the essay question.

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