Culturally Competent Planning

Culturally Competent Planning
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For this assignment, select a vulnerable population in your community and explain how health care can be affected by cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds. Create a plan to promote health and wellness within your chosen population, using (and correctly citing) information from this weeks study activities and any additional resources that you find on your own as you research your chosen population.

Review the Culturally Competent Planning Preparation activity in Unit 5. Make sure you have completed all of the tasks. Once that is done, complete the following for your assignment:

Identify your population, and explain why this specific population within your community qualifies as at-risk.
Identify health concerns for this at-risk population.
Identify existing resources in your community that serve and promote health for this specific underserved, at-risk population.
Identify high-quality electronic sources of health care information to address the needs of your chosen population.
Create an evidence-based plan to promote health and wellness in this at-risk population.
Explain how culture, ethnicity, and social background may affect your health care plan and what strategies you would put in place to address these concerns.
Follow the guidelines of APA writing style, title page, reference page, citations within the text, and use correct grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
Look through the Culturally Competency Planning Scoring Guide prior to submitting to ensure you have met all of the expectations of the assignment. Unless otherwise specified, this assignment is due by the end of this unit.

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