Cyber Criminals

Essay Question: We are a highly technical society. Our every day lives revolve around the Internet: we benefit from the Internet, but we can also be victims of cyber criminals. To understand how criminals use the Internet to their advantage, it is important to understand how we communicate on the Internet. In this paper, you are required to describe in detail how we communicate on the Internet, based upon your readings. Discuss the major networking building blocks and their functions. Secondly, discuss software application\’s vulnerabilities, such as those found in web browsers.Reading:Chapple, Mike, and David Seidl. Cyberwarfare: Information Operations in a Connected World. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2015. Chapter 7.Poulin (2006) “Hacking: The Basics”from SANS Institute Reading Room. Click here to read.Skoudis (undated) “Top 15 Malicious Spyware Actions” from SANS web site. Click here to read.Robb (2007) “When Bots Attack” from Wired Magazine: Issue 15.09. Click here to read.Watch:“From Brain to Stuxnet: 25 Years of PC Viruses.” FSecureNews Feb 2, 2011.Additional Resources:http://www.securityweek.com

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