Define baseline data collection sources, method and measures.

We have been working on a PICOT question in class, last week we had to: Select one (1) article from the ones you identified in Module 2 Lesson 2 that addresses your PICOT question and tell how might you go about replicating this study in your institution? What steps would you take?
Post the following:
1. How your population matches the populations in your research articles.
2. The intervention you would implement
3. Define baseline data collection sources (EMR, datasets, etc), method, and measures.
4. Expected outcome (Include specific plan how you will measure/evaluate your change in practice: Specifically, Who, What, When, Where, and How).

I am going to attach this finished assignment which entails my question.

The assignment now is to read chapters 7 and 12 and write a brief statement of your proposed EB practice change, the identified stakeholders, and anticipated barriers.

The second part is to write a paper and:
Develop plan to overcome barriers.
Discuss with colleagues.
Describe the anticipated barriers to the change process in your institution (or where the change will be implemented). Include the organization’s culture, its reaction to change, and your leadership role for change.
Complete the organizational change readiness assessment.
Identify the stakeholders for the change in practice you have chosen for your EB project

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