Define your Payment terms from customers & to suppliers (Assumptions).

Choose a business entity & name & do Market Research for your event

Draft a Contribution Statement making realistic assumptions about Price & Variable Costs & itemise them based on Research

Specify Capital Expenditure (Fixed Assets) needed, their cost, source (where purchased from), their useful life, depn method, etc Research

Consider likely Sales volume for the event (Assumptions)

Define your Payment terms from customers & to suppliers (Assumptions)

Decide Opening & Closing Inventory of equipment/materials (Assumptions)

Calculate Break-Even Point, Margin of Safety & C/S ratio (Spreadsheet)

Draft a Purchases Budget, allowing for your event Inventory needs (Spreadsheet)

Consider ALL likely Overhead costs (expenses) & itemise them (Spreadsheet)

Prepare your Cash Budget based on all of above (Spreadsheet)

Prepare your Income Statement for the event (Spreadsheet)

Draft your Business Balance Sheet, reconciling the closing cash balance, the opening & closing inventory, closing debtors/creditors and your Profit or Loss (Spreadsheet).

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