Demonstrate how criminological theory can contribute to our understanding of crime in Ireland.

You have been invited to make a written submission to a parliamentary committee examining different aspects of crime in Ireland. Specifically, you have been asked to demonstrate how criminological theory can contribute to our understanding of crime in Ireland. The remit of the committee is broad, and so you are free to choose your specific focus (eg, an analysis of overall crime trends, a discussion of specific crimes, etc). The committee emphasises that you should draw on appropriate evidence to support your argument. a) Number the pages. b) Double space the text. c) Use regular margins (usually 1 inch left and right, top and bottom). d) Use a legible font (such as Arial or Times New Roman, 11 or 12 point). e) Ensure that the grammar and spelling are correct. f) Ensure that you mean what you have written and that you have written what you mean – can you make it clearer, more coherent, better? g) Ensure that what you have written is sociological in content. Is it opinion without any theory, data, or evidence of sociological knowledge?

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